Karsten Wolf - Voice

Need a voice that brings your cartoon or movie character or your corporate presentation to life? A German narration for your documentary or audio guide? Or maybe you require an English voice with the appropriate accent for “that German guy” in your video game?

With many years of industry experience, I provide high quality German voice-over and dubbing services for a wide variety of genres with the right tone to communicate your message to your target audiences.

Working with professional recording facilities, I can deliver recordings and dubbed voices as edited, final audio files in a variety of formats to meet many needs.

Based in Berlin, I’m also available for recording sessions at studios in the Greater Berlin area.


Karsten Wolf - Translation

Successful translations are more than just correct conversions from one language to another. Ideally, a text from one language to another won’t read like a translation at all – instead, it should feel like it’s written by a native speaker in the target language.

With a background in journalism and public relations, and almost 20 years of professional copywriting, localisation, translation and transcreation experience, I can help you find the right words for your material, providing a service that will get the results you want.

My portfolio covers a wide range of translation work, such as German subtitles for feature films and TV series’, as well as creative translations for business and marketing copy.

Karsten Wolf -Music

Music and sound have been a lifelong passion – from being a member of the funky leftfield production team Stereo de Luxe. My productions and compositions have been released on various international record labels since the 1990s, including Freshly Squeezed, Bungalow and Plastic Raygun.

Due to my work as a composer and producer I’m happy to offer a wide range of tunes that can be licensed for sync purposes through our label and publishing partners.