If you are looking for a German voice for your presentation, film or video game look no longer. With many years of industry experience, I provide high quality German voice-over and dubbing services for a wide variety of genres with the right tone to communicate your message to your target audiences.

A strong focus of my work as a voice actor are recordings – both dubbing and voice over - for animated characters or cartoons. I’m very passionate about animation film as well as video games and will be more than happy to be the voice of your animated characters.

Recordings are produced in my own studio and audio files edited precisely to sync your video and according to your time code specifications. If you wish to listen in and direct during the recording session this is easily possible via Source Connect Now. Apart from this, I’m also available for bookings in other studios in the Berlin area

Check out some samples of my work:

Advertising - Hard Sell and Conversational

Animation Characters Video Showreel (or Audio Reel)

Documentary Voice Sample (neutral voice)

Audiobook Voice Sample (voice acting)

Videogame Character Voice Reel (voice acting)

Cinematic Trailer for Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical

Advert for Google Home

For more voice demos and samples please contact me or check my Soundcloud site.